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Step Right Up: Hakobune

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Stefano Guzzetti (AKA Sardinia-based composer Waves On Canvas) has recently set up his own label Pure Wave Recordings. Beginning this exciting venture is the release of ‘Watching The Prescribed Burn’, a stunning record by Japanese composer Takahiro Yorifuji in his Hakobune guise.  

Words: Mark Carry, Illustration: Craig Carry


Hakobune is the alias for renowned Japanese artist Takahiro Yorifuji. His latest work is entitled ‘Watching The Prescribed Burn’, released last month on Pure Wave Recordings. The album consists of divine ambient music, where the elements of electric guitar, electronic devices and laptop computer creates a gorgeous ebb and flow. This music is slow and mesmerising. A calmness and positivity descends upon the listener, making ‘Watching The Prescribed Burn’ a sonic voyage of immense solace and hope. The album is perfect headphone listening. The slowly evolving ambient opuses are akin to a gradual sunrise or the fading embers of a sun at dusk. Beauty in all its shapes and forms. I recall artists such as Stars Of The Lid, Brian Eno and Marsen Jules when describing Yorifuji’s awe-inspiring music.

Pure Wave Recordings is the newborn label of Sardinian composer Stefano Guzzetti, also known as Waves On Canvas. The label focuses on producing short cd-r runs of titles ranging from ambient to electronica, neo-classical and experimental music. The visual identity of the label is based on the creative output of the English photographer Richard Outram, already known for his work for established labels such as Home Normal, Somehow Recordings, Twisted Tree Line, and others.

The release of Hakobune’s album, ‘Watching The Prescribed Burn’ is the label’s first release. This remarkable album is a fitting beginning for Guzzetti’s label. The description from the accompanying press release says it all: “the listener is just taken by the hand and brought to vast and lovely landscapes, well crafted by the art of Hakobune himself.” Let yourself be immersed in the peaceful, melodic soundscapes and discover the many hidden layers of detail embedded in the sonic terrain.

My highlight is the penultimate track, ‘In Your Absence’. The electric guitar is placed in the foreground of the mix. The beautiful drone of pulses fade in and fade out like a long breath of fresh air. This music belongs in the realm of Christian Fennesz and Ryuichi Sakamoto. The music is reflected in the title as I feel the weight of absence pulling on the strings of a hungry heart. Across the album’s six tracks, a collage of heavenly ambient creations are formed, culminating in one spectrum of beautiful and complete sound.

Hakobune’s record marks the first of many compelling and engaging releases, to be released by Pure Wave Recordings. This small cd-r label operating in Sardinia is one of the many small wonders operating in the world today, bringing us precious music such as this. We look forward immensely to many more albums soon to be born out of Guzetti’s label.


‘Watching The Prescribed Burn’ is out now on Pure Wave Recordings.


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March 8, 2013 at 11:09 am

Step Right Up: Waves On Canvas

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Words: Mark Carry, Illustration: Craig Carry

I was first introduced to Waves on Canvas by a 7″ vinyl single entitled, ‘Angel’. The song features vocals by Louise Rutkowski of This Mortal Coil fame. ‘Angel’ is a love song set to a swirling symphony of strings that is utterly emotive. Rutkowski sings ‘For you I can feel emotions I have never felt’ amidst a glorious sound of strings, piano and ambient soundscape. This was a taster for Waves on Canvas’ full length album ‘Into The Northsea’ which is now available on Dublin based Psychonavigation Records. The album artwork (as well as the ‘Angel’ single) was done by the legendary Vaughan Oliver whose work adorns many iconic 4AD album sleeves. As the artwork suggests, this album is quite special. A set of beguiling music from start to finish, Waves on Canvas crosses ambient, classical and electronic genres. For fans of music labels such as Type, Touch, Erased Tapes, Fat Cat etc, Waves on Canvas is certainly for you.

Waves on Canvas is the pseudonym for Italian musician Stefano Guzzetti who was born in Sardinia. At the age of 9, he fell in love with Bach’s organ works and decided to start taking organ lessons. A short while later, his love affair with electronica music began after receiving a computer as a gift. Inspired by Kraftwerk, he soon begun programming sounds and noises. It is these sounds and noises found on ‘Into The Northsea’ years later that has pushed the envelope of classical and electronica music. The album opener ‘Twenty Years’ is a perfect film score piece of piano music. It is mournful with a gorgeous texture. The piano melody is reminiscent of luminaries such as Dustin O’ Halloran and Max Richter. ‘Flowers Of The Sea’ is a dreamy haze of electronic glitches, warm beats and bright keyboards and xylophone. The piece recalls childhood and evokes a wave of nostalgia that a flood of memories would bring. This could be Ulrich Schnauss and the sound of shoegaze electronica.

‘Starfish’ continues in the same vein but more indie pop than shoegaze. The strumming acoustic guitar and electronic loops creates a psychedelic sound amidst the vocals of Ian Masters. Panda Bear and Atlas Sound spring to mind. ‘Stella’ consists of blissed out ambient soundscapes. Subtle layers of electronic tweaking is heard throughout and the eerie strings provides one of ‘Into The Northsea’ finest moments. ‘Voix Dans Une Voix’ as the title suggests is a French spoken word piece. This is my standout track. Lacroix’ spoken word is mesmerizing. The warm fuzz of beats and swirling guitars creates the perfect backdrop to her formidable French spoken word. ‘Frozen’ could be classic David Sylvian. The song features Pieter Nooten and Yvette Winkler. The lyrics of the chorus goes ‘Step up to find/an island in place/frozen in time’. Piano and violin drift by. ‘A Dedication’ is yet another beguiling piece of music. Strings, piano, backing vocals and electronic noises galore. The album closes with ‘Here and Away’ which is the ultimate dream shoegaze electronica wave of sound. The moving sound of ‘Into The Northsea’ is the sound of music ‘far away in a distant time’, to quote a lyric from ‘In my Dream’.

In the words of Stefano Guzzetti: ‘I love using notes, noises, frequencies, and everything that can be put on a grid or a score and sounds good to me. This is how I feel music. I also love being in harmony with everything around me. Just living every moment of my days. This is how I live life.’


‘Into The Northsea’ is out now on Psychonavigation Records.

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August 10, 2012 at 10:27 am