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Guest Mixtape: Rebecca Foon (Constellation)

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We are thrilled to present a special guest mix compiled by the world-renowned Montreal-based composer and cellist Rebecca Foon (Esmerine/Saltland). Last February marked her first eponymous release (on the legendary Constellation imprint) with a heightened emphasis on piano and vocals. ‘Waxing Moon’ casts an eternal light of staggering beauty and heralds a new chapter in Foon’s storied career.


An emotional resonance emanates deeply in the heart of Rebecca Foon’s staggering works. It is why there has always been a deep connection – akin to the gravitational pull of the earth – to each and every record the Montreal-based composer has created. The Constellation alumnus has been responsible for a wide array of vital musical forces these past two decades: co-founder of modern chamber post-rock ensemble Esmerine; member of Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra (2001-2008); Set Fire To Flames (2001-2004) and her songwriting project Saltland. This year’s enthralling solo full-length ‘Waxing Moon’ marks the first album under her own name (which in itself is quite telling) that heralds a significant new chapter in Foon’s cherished songbook.

The soul-stirring piano lament ‘Ocean Song’ hits you deeply with its ceaseless waves of yearning and desperate prayer for hope. “Give me your hand and I’ll take you/ To the ocean of love and give you everything” is softly ushered beneath beautiful sustained piano chords. This opening verse, in just mere moments plunges the listener into the depths of a long lost world of faded dreams. ‘Ocean Song’ channels the darkest of fears for our planet: the swirling notes of piano and cello coalesce with Foon’s achingly beautiful vocal delivery; embedded inside “a thousand tears”.

The closing section encapsulates the spiritual dimension of ‘Waxing Moon’s sonic expedition. The staggering beauty of ‘New World’ begins with poignant piano arpeggios reminiscent of Arvo Part or the score-work of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. An introspective moment of fragile beauty. The piece builds into a crescendo of soaring strings and ripple of piano notes that shares the DNA of Lubomyr Melnyk’s continuous music such is its divine spell.

Waves of sweeping strings serve the vital pulse of the album’s penultimate track ‘This Is Our Lives’. The charged immediacy of this otherworldly creation mirrors the desperation depicted by the song’s narrative. Foon pleas “I wish to hold you” on a later verse: channeling radiance from the depths of darkness. Just like the expanding waxing moon depicted on the scintillating title-track, the gifted composer’s newest work casts an eternal beauty and unfathomable power.

‘Waxing Moon’ is out now on Constellation.

“This mix includes songs that have moved me deeply, some of which I have been going back to recently and some over the course of my adult life. Much of this playlist has inspired the creation of my last album, waxing moon. I find great solace in the moving piano and strings of arvo part, satie, philip glass, the heightened awakened vibrations of alice coltrane and the outpouring of profound lyrics and powerful transformative energy in these songs. It is a 3 hour playlist for you during these times of stillness, reflection, heartbreak and so many unknowns. If anything, we can embrace and find hope in our interconnectedness, which feels truer than ever. I hope you enjoy it.”

Rebecca Foon

‘Waxing Moon’ is out now on Constellation.

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May 12, 2020 at 3:36 pm

Mixtape: Long After The Music Is Gone [A Fractured Air Mix]

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Long After The Music Is Gone [A Fractured Air Mix]

To listen on Mixcloud:



01. Áine O’Dwyer – ‘For The Souls Of Our Fleas’ (Fort Evil Fruit)
02. Anna Von Hausswolff – ‘Epitaph of Theodor’ (City Slang)
03. Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra – ‘Rains Thru The Roof At The Grande Ballroom’ (Constellation)
04. Calexico – ‘Entrenandos A Los Tigres’ (Our Soil, Our Strength)
05. Eric Dolphy – ‘Gazzelloni’ (Blue Note)
06. Colin Stetson – ‘This Bed Of Shattered Bone’ (Constellation)
07. Seán Mac Erlaine – ‘Long After The Music Is Gone’ (Ergodos)
08. Nils Frahm – ‘For’ (Erased Tapes)
09. Peter Broderick – ‘Floating/Sinking’ (Erased Tapes)
10. Amiina – ‘Kola’ (Amínamúsík ehf.)
11. Colleen – ‘Your Heart Is So Loud’ (Leaf Label)
12. Murcof – ‘Louis XIV’s Demons’ (Leaf Label)
13. Borngräber & Strüver – ‘Berlin Tribal Music’ (m=minimal)
14. Tindersticks – ‘Put Your Love In Me (Fade)’ (Lucky Dog)
15. Katie Kim – ‘Charlie’ (Flaming June)
16. Tape – ‘Byhalia’ (Häpna)
17. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – ‘Gun Thing’ (Mute)
18. Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh – ‘Braes of Balquidder’ (State Of Chassis)
19. Julia Kent – ‘Nina and Oscar’ (Leaf Label)


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