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Fractured Air 44: Benoît Pioulard “Kranky Mix”

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‘Sonnet’ is the fifth Kranky album by Thomas Meluch under his musical alias Benoît Pioulard, following the 2006 debut full-length ‘Précis’, ‘Temper’ (2008), ‘Lasted’ (2010) and 2013’s ‘Hymnal’. The American sound sculptor – in a similar fashion to his label-mates Loscil, Grouper and Pan American – has amassed a rich body of empowering work, seamlessly creating some of the most affecting and captivating ambient-based compositions of the past decade. This year has also marked the release of ‘Noyaux’, a four-track EP released on Morr Music and the collaborative project with longtime friend and colleague Kyle Bobby Dunn under the moniker of Perils (the debut self-titled LP was issued by Desire Path Recordings).
Kranky is an independent record label based in Chicago, Illinois. The prestigious label’s first release was Labradford’s debut album ‘Prazision’ in 1993. Some 22 years later, the label continues to release some of the most compelling and adventurous sounds from the likes of Loscil, Stars Of The Lid, Pan American, Grouper, Benoît Pioulard, Implodes and much more. 2015 has already seen latest releases from Benoît Pioulard, Disappears, Ken Camden, Valet, Helen and Christina Vantzou.


Fractured Air 44: Benoît Pioulard “Kranky Mix”

To listen on Mixcloud:



01. Low ‘Will the Night’ [Songs for a Dead Pilot, krank021]
02. Mirrorring ‘Silent From Above’ [Foreign Body, krank162]
03. Labradford ‘El Lago’ [A Stable Reference, krank006]
04. Loscil ‘Hastings Sunrise’ [Sketches from New Brighton, krank171]
05. Felix ‘Who Will Pity the Poor Fool’ [Oh Holy Molar, krank165]
06. Anjou ‘Adjustment’ [Anjou, krank185]
07. Ken Camden ‘Eta Carinae’ [Space Mirror, krank180]
08. Jonas Reinhardt ‘Modern By Nature’s Reward’ [Jonas Reinhardt, krank119]
09. Implodes ‘Wendy’ [Recurring Dream, krank174]
10. Tim Hecker ‘Black Refraction’ [Virgins, krank183]
11. Belong ‘Common Era’ [Common Era, krank155]
12. Stars of the Lid ‘Tippy’s Demise’ […and Their Refinement of the Decline, krank100]
13. Valet ‘Tame All The Lions’ [Blood Is Clean, krank105]
14. Grouper ‘Labyrinth’ [Ruins, krank189]
15. Windy & Carl ‘The Smell of Old Books’ [We Will Always Be, krank163]
16. The Dead Texan ‘The Struggle’ [The Dead Texan, krank072]

Compiled by Thomas Meluch (Benoît Pioulard). The copyright in these recordings is the property of the individual artists and/or Kranky. If you like the music, please support the artist by buying their records.


Chosen One: Implodes

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Interview with Implodes.

‘Recurring Dream’ is the second album by Chicago’s Implodes; a sprawling, timeless album which expands on the band’s debut LP ‘Black Earth’. ‘Recurring Dream’ will be available April 1st on Kranky. 

Words: Mark Carry, Illustration: Craig Carry


Chicago quartet Implodes have recently released their second full-length album, ‘Recurring Dream’ on the ever inspiring Kranky label. If the debut album ‘Black Earth’ was a sonic journey to both haunt and awaken you; ‘Recurring Dream’ is just that-and more. The lead single ‘Scattered In The Wind’ is a timeless psychedelic infused shoegaze opus. The burning fuzz of electric guitars and lazer-guided synthesizer amidst the ethereal vocals immerses you into a world of unknown pleasures. There is a natural progression found on ‘Recurring Dream’ where the songs are more direct and immediate-yet the sound is still effortlessly dense and multi-layered. The pulsating drone and psych rock collages swarm magnificently amidst the compelling soundscapes.

What I love about ‘Recurring Dream’ is the mood captured-this sense of a dream that forever haunts you-it remains with you and lingers thereafter. I feel the band provide the perfect headphone listening. Their sound is similar to that of Bradford Cox’s project Atlas Sound and that of Deerhunter – Cox’s principal band. Listening to ‘Sleepyheads’ transports me to such a place. The slow acoustic guitar strum serves the opening sound, before a meditative drumbeat and guitar haze immerses you in deep. The ethereal vocals are drenched in reverb akin to Victoria Legrand or Bradford Cox. The refrain of “You won’t be needing them anymore” exudes powerful emotion that shines light on the dark skies above.

‘Necronomics’ is a psych blues odyssey that contains an urgency and frenzy of noise. The bass guitar is sublime-the rhythmic pulse is utterly compelling and innovative. The sound is somewhere between the post-punk of Gang Of Four, and the ambient haze of Kevin Shields/My Bloody Valentine. There are instrumentals dispersed throughout ‘Recurring Dream’ that gives the record an endless flow and adds new dimensions to the album’s sound.

‘Bottom Of A Well’ closes ‘Recurring Dream’ and is the album’s tour de force. This song is a brooding cinematic torchlight ballad. The gorgeous guitar tones fade in and fade out-the void is entered and solitude surrounds you. “This time I have some time/some time/time to think” is a lyric on the verse. The vocal delivery is sublime-the voice at the end of the line.

“At the bottom of a well
Looking up at the circle of the stars”


Interview with Implodes.

Congratulations on the new album, ‘Recurring Dream’. It’s an utterly compelling sonic journey. Please discuss the album title? It’s interesting to me as the music itself feels as if it’s a recurring dream, interwoven in a beautiful hazed collage.

The name of the album was actually inspired by a Neil Young song that references a dream he often has. we thought of the album as a dream that we might all share collectively. Also, this being our second record, it seemed appropriate. The murky sounds of “Black Earth” continued to haunt us.


What were the aims from the outset in recording this second album, and the follow-up to 2010’s ‘Black Earth’?

I think the main goal was to maintain the immersive, body-high of Black Earth but maybe make that body-high a little less paranoid on Recurring Dream.


I love how Implodes mix a variety array of sounds so effortlessly in your music; from drone and ambient to psychedelia and post-rock. Discuss please your inspirations that lead you to create your own distinct blend of sound?

Each one of us is a voracious music fan. I think we just want to make music that we would want to hear in our headphones.


My favourite song on the new album is the closer, ‘Bottom Of A Well’. I love the dynamic range and how it builds from the soft blues ballad into a crescendo of drone and swirling ambient noise. Can you talk through the construction of this song please?

Bottom of a Well is for Haruki Murakami. It’s about finding a solitary place to go where you can hear yourself think and… we love the blues.


Describe for me please the Chicago music scene? You are home to the peerless Kranky label-this must be a perfect suited home for your music to belong to?

All of us more or less moved to Chicago from other places to play music whether we knew it or not at the time. The scene here is always fluctuating and interesting with almost any genre that you can think of represented in some way. Kranky is the label we wanted to be on, it’s perfect.


Implodes have this uncanny ability to create a shape shifting feel through the special dimension the sound is originating from. The choice of instrumental cuts on the album gives the music space and a dynamic that creates this ethereal stratosphere of mood and sound. Discuss please the importance of the atmosphere in your sound and in turn, the creative process for Implodes?

We spend a lot of time making sure that our records flow properly. certain pieces might not always stand out on their own but as a part of the whole, they should make sense.


What are your favourite records at the moment?

Fielded “Nineteen Thirty Thirty”
My Bloody Valentine “MBV”
Bonnie Raitt “Nick of Time”
Streetwalker “Future Fusion”
Neil Young “Psychedelic Pill”


‘Recurring Dream’ by Implodes will be released on April 1st on Kranky.

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