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Fractured Air 36: Place Of You (A Mixtape by Katie Kim)

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One of Ireland’s finest and most intriguing songwriters, Dublin-based and Waterford-born Katie Kim has two albums to date, beginning with the 2008 debut solo album “Twelve” and 2012’s seminal masterwork, the double album “Cover&Flood”. Also available is “The Feast”, a collection of ten previously unreleased remixes of songs from “Cover&Flood” while the “VALUTS” series compiles various unreleased songs. Katie Kim has supported the likes of Low and Slint to date and her influences stem from the realms of experimental, folk, post-rock, shoegaze, ambient and outsider folk. Kim’s distinctive sound is characterized by her fragile vocals, breathtaking lyricism and a constant striving for both purity and simplicity in her truly unique and utterly beguiling recorded output (akin to Grouper’s Liz Harris or early period Cat Power) casting a deeply profound spell on the listener in turn.


Fractured Air 36: Place Of You (A Mixtape by Katie Kim)

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01. Slint ‘Washer’ [Touch And Go] / Werner Herzog [Excerpt from ‘Burden Of Dreams’]
02. Low ‘Words’ [Vernon Yard Recordings]
03. The Singing Nun ‘Dominique’ [Philips]
04. Wreckless Eric ‘I’d Go The Whole Wide World’ [Stiff]
05. Beck ‘Cyanide Breath Mint’ [K, XL]
06. Daniel Johnston ‘Dead Lovers Twisted Heart’ [Eternal Yip Eye Music]
07. The Beatles ‘Across The Universe’ [Apple]
08. Werner Herzog [Interview Excerpt]
09. William Basinski ‘d|p 1.1’ [2062]
10. Rose McGowan ‘Doom Generation’ (Excerpt) [American Recordings]
11. Howard Skempton ‘Lento’ [NMC]
12. Chirps ‘The Static Spectacle’ [Bandcamp]
13. Dean Blunt ‘I Run New York’ [Hippos In Tanks, World Music]
14. Julian Lynch ‘Garden 2’ [Underwater Peoples]
15. Vincent Gallo ‘I Wrote This Song For The Girl Paris Hilton’ [Warp]
16. John Jacob Niles ‘Go ‘way From My Window’ [LM Dupli-Cation]
17. Sister Irene O’Connor ‘Fire’ [Philips]
18. Kría Brekkan ‘Place Of You’ [Paw Tracks]
19. My Bloody Valentine ‘I Need No Trust’ [Creation]

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