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Fractured Air is a music site based on independent music we feel passionate about. To visit the website for Craig Carry, please visit HERE.


“Don’t you think fractured air are doing a great job on their blog? They design and contribute all visual parts and just go the extra mile… one of my favorite music blogs.”

Nils Frahm

“…Fractured Air who have been such great supporters of our output with in-depth reviews, magical interviews, personal illustrations and meta-love for years.”

—Erased Tapes

“Maybe it’s just me, but I want more sites like Fractured Air, my new favourite read. Now, here’s a beauty: superb minimal design, thoughtful writing and analysis, a site which feels as if it knows that it takes time to get know an album or artist but that this is time worth taking, a site which doesn’t rely on the news you read on Twitter an hour earlier to pull in eyeballs. Fractured Air gives the music the time and space (and air) to breath. We don’t want another bloody blog relaying the same bloody news as every other bloody blog – we want individuality, spirit, verve, attitude (laidback attitude is good y’all), an unique perspective. We’re humans, we want air.”

Jim Carroll, Irish Times

“Beautifully illustrated, beautifully written blog.”

Cillian Murphy

“Creators of beauty” —Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh

“Gorgeous” John Murry

“We’d like to point you in the direction of Fractured Air, a very fine blog worth your time and attention.”

Simon Raymonde, Bella Union

“One of the absolute finest music blogs on the net (Irish born and bred)”

Crash Ensemble

“a truly special interview…wonderful illustrations. We highly recommend reading it.”

Erased Tapes

“Great site and well worth following.”

Chemikal Underground

“Wonderful” Second Language

“Fantastic” Thrill Jockey

“Wonderful … just lovely” Desire Path Recordings

“Craig and Mark run a very good website called, well worth checking out if you’d like to discover new and interesting music.”

Cathal Murray, Radio One

“Excellent” Paradise Of Bachelors

“Wonderful, in depth” Adrian Crowley

“Incredible, illuminating interview…” Sonic Cathedral



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March 3, 2013 at 9:41 am

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