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First Listen: Stefan Wesolowski “Rite of the End”

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We are delighted to premiere Polish composer and violinist Stefan Wesolowksi’s new solo work ‘Rite of the End’ – the album’s glorious title-track – which is released on 28th April via Mind Travel Series (sub-label of prestigious French label Ici d’ailleurs). 


Following his recent score to the BAFTA-nominated and Oscar-shortlisted Marlon Brando docu-film ‘Listen To Me Marlon’, Polish composer and violinist Stefan Wesolowski will release his rapturous new album ‘Rite of the End’, on 28th April. This is his second long-player for Mind Travels Series – the sub-label on French indie Ici d’ailleurs – following 2015’s ‘Kompleta’.

“I was born in Cold War era Poland in 1985, as the son of a pious and uncompromising man. At the age of seven I wanted to be a priest and study the history of the Saints, while other children of my age were still collecting Lion King cards,” recalls Wesolowski.

Whilst studying classical music, very early on he had a revelation, thanks to a companion who was a Dominican monk. “We were teenagers,” recounts Stefan “and this friend asked me to write him liturgical songs. That’s how it all started”.

As Wesolowski grew up, he lost his religious faith but transposed it into a growing belief in what he calls “a musical vibration, which permits transcendence, contemplation and wonderment.”

The brooding violin piece begins with sprawling drone passages reminiscent of  Stars of the Lid, exuding raw emotion and a gripping intensity. The symphonic tour-de-force evolves into noise-unfurled ambient soundscapes as pulsating waves of textures ascend into the forefront of the mix, belonging to the stratosphere of Iceland’s Valgeir Sigurðsson and Ben Frost in the process. Later, the composition beautifully incorporates electronic elements where sprawling strings roar like the swell of ocean waves.  


‘Rite of the End’ is released on 28th April via Mind Travels Series.

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April 19, 2017 at 8:35 pm

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