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Fractured Air 45: The Gentleman Losers ‘Eaten By Butterflies’

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The Gentleman Losers is an experimental musical group formed in 2004 by the Finnish brothers Samu and Ville Kuukka. Since then they’ve released spellbinding music on several labels including Büro, City Centre Offices, Warp, Nothings66 and Standard Form. Their two full-length releases – 2006’s self-titled debut album and 2009’s sophomore effort ‘Dustland’ – have been universally acclaimed, winning the hearts of many esteemed music-lovers worldwide, while also being championed by such independent music stalwarts as Germany’s Nils Frahm and UK’s Bibio. The forthcoming third record – the brothers’ latest venture into blissful instrumental music of unknown pleasures – is due to be released shortly, in what is destined to become (just like the band’s first two albums) a timeless classic. The Gentleman Losers’ self-titled debut album is available now on Büro. Follow-up “Dustland” is also available now on City Centre Offices.


Fractured Air 45: The Gentleman Losers ‘Eaten By Butterflies’

To listen on Mixcloud:


“…Among other things, there’s music from our big influences Peter Gabriel, Vincent Gallo, Daniel Lanois, Arthur Russell and Stina Nordenstam, as well as some film music from Thomas Newman and Mark Isham (who also happens to be a major early influence with his own albums).”

—Samu Kuukka, The Gentleman Losers



01. John Jacob Niles ‘You Got To Cross That Lonesome Valley’ [RCA Camden]
02. Vincent Gallo ‘I Wrote This Song For The Girl Paris Hilton’ [Warp]
03. Peter Gabriel ‘At Night’ [Geffen]
04. Julee Cruise ‘I Float Alone’ [Warner Bros.]
05. Shriekback ‘Evaporation’ [Kaz]
06. Jackson C. Frank ‘Milk And Honey’ [Columbia/Castle]
07. Brian Eno ‘Unfamiliar Wind (Leeks Hill)’ [Virgin]
08. Massive Attack featuring Caroline Lavelle ‘Home Of The Whale’ [Circa, Virgin]
09. Mark Isham featuring Marianne Faithfull ‘The Hawk (El Gavilan)’ [‘Trouble In Mind’ OST, Island]
10. Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions ‘Feeling Of Gaze’ [Rough Trade]
11. Skrillex ‘Ride Home’ [‘Spring Breakers’ OST, Big Beat/Atlantic)
12. Arthur Russell ‘Just A Blip’ [Point Music]
13. Thomas Newman ‘Early Phone Call’ [‘Less Than Zero’ OST, Def Jam Recordings]
14. Loren Connors & David Grubbs ‘Blossom Time’ [Häpna]
15. Daniel Lanois ‘Death Of A Train’ [Warner Bros.]
16. Stina Nordenstam ‘Murder In Mairyland Park’ [EastWest, Telegram Records Stockholm]
17. Moby ‘When It’s Cold I’d Like To Die’ [Mute]

Compiled by Samu and Ville Kuukka. The copyright in these recordings is the property of the individual artists and/or record labels. If you like the music, please support the artist by buying their records.


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November 13, 2015 at 11:05 am

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