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Road Atlas: Peter Broderick (Part 3)

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Part 3 of our Road Atlas series with Peter Broderick. Peter recounts day four of his European tour, having so far traveled and played shows in Switzerland, France and Spain. This Autumn sees the European live return of Portland Oregon-native Peter Broderick, joined by a full-band lineup with special guest Loch Lomond (USA/Chemikal Undergorund). “(Colours Of The Night) Satellite” is the new EP from Peter Broderick. The Portland-based singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist’s first song-based release in two years will be available on Monday 13th October on Bella Union.

Words & Photograph: Peter Broderick


Whew . . . after the show in St. Gallen we drove all through the night in order to get to our next gig in Toulouse. After taking turns driving and sleeping in the van for about 14 hours, we finally made it there and played for a very lovely crowd at a little outdoor festival, in the courtyard of a museum. Needless to say, we were all completely exhausted by the end of the day and very happy when we finally made it to our hotel! And then we drove another six hours or so to Bilbao today. We stopped halfway and played some football and rode skateboards (yes, I invested most of my teenage years into skateboarding rather than music!). It was a really funny night in Bilbao . . . we never met the concert promoter . . . I was told he was at the dentist! But quite a few people came out to the show and I even got to dance with a nice lady during the middle of our set! Also, I asked our hotel to wash some clothes for me, and then 10 minutes later realized I had left 150 euros in the pockets of my pants . . . so I ran back and asked the man to stop the laundry, and he told me it’s not possible. I begged him to stop it. He kept saying no. Then I asked to speak to his boss. He called his boss and spoke to him in Spanish for a couple minutes, and when he hung up the phone he went downstairs and retrieved my wet money from the wash. Success! Here we are, sitting on the street outside the venue, drinking a beer after a long couple of days. The show must go on!

—Peter Broderick


Peter Broderick’s European tour dates are as follows:

07 Oct   Santiago De Compostela / Capitol / Spain
08 Oct   Ourense / Cafe Pop Torgal / Spain
09 Oct   Braganca / Museu do Abade do Baçal / Portugal
10 Oct   Coimbra / Centro de Artes Visuais / Portugal
11 Oct   Lisbon / Musicbox / Portugal
13 Oct   Madrid / Teatro Del Arte / Spain
14 Oct   Barcelona / Antiga Frabrica Damm / Spain
16 Oct   Leuven / STUK / Belgium
17 Oct   Brighton / The Haunt / United Kingdom
18 Oct   Manchester / The Roadhouse / United Kingdom
19 Oct   Cork / Half Moon Theatre / Ireland
20 Oct   Dublin / The Workman’s Club / Ireland

(Full European tour HERE).




“(Colours Of The Night) Satellite” is the new EP from Peter Broderick which will be released on Monday 13th October via Bella Union.



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