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Road Atlas: Peter Broderick (Part 2)

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Part 2 of our Road Atlas series with Peter Broderick; destination: St. Gallen, Switzerland. This Autumn sees the European live return of Portland Oregon-native Peter Broderick, joined by a full-band lineup with special guest Loch Lomond (USA/Chemikal Undergorund). “(Colours Of The Night) Satellite” is the new EP from Peter Broderick. The Portland-based singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist’s first song-based release in two years will be available on Monday 13th October on Bella Union.

Words & Photograph: Peter Broderick


We’ve arrived at the lovely Palace in St. Gallen, an old cinema turned into a venue. And just now, after hours of being here, I realized I played here once before, with Efterklang in 2008. It’s probably hard to tell from this photo, but they are designing very nice posters here! Also, when we first arrived to town I took a walk and found a flea market, and while I was walking around I came across a big group of people in a circle, and as I walked by a couple of women (one of whom happens to work at the venue tonight!) grabbed my hands and pulled me into the circle. In the center there were two accordion players and a lady playing the hurdy gurdy (amazing instrument!). As the musicians started playing, the circle began to dance, and the woman next to me was speaking Swiss German, trying to teach me the steps of the dance. It was quite awkward for a moment, but soon enough I figured it out and spent the next 10 minutes or so dancing ecstatically with a bunch of strangers. Amazing!

—Peter Broderick


Peter Broderick’s European tour dates are as follows:

04 Oct   St Gallen / Palace / Switzerland
05 Oct   Toulouse / Le Jardin Des Antiques / France
06 Oct   Bilbao / Kafe Antzokia / Spain
07 Oct   Santiago De Compostela / Capitol / Spain
08 Oct   Ourense / Cafe Pop Torgal / Spain
09 Oct   Braganca / Museu do Abade do Baçal / Portugal
10 Oct   Coimbra / Centro de Artes Visuais / Portugal
11 Oct   Lisbon / Musicbox / Portugal
13 Oct   Madrid / Teatro Del Arte / Spain
14 Oct   Barcelona / Antiga Frabrica Damm / Spain
16 Oct   Leuven / STUK / Belgium

(Full European tour HERE).




“(Colours Of The Night) Satellite” is the new EP from Peter Broderick which will be released on Monday 13th October via Bella Union.



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October 4, 2014 at 6:25 pm

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