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GOAT ‘Commune’ (Sub Pop)
“Music is everything. The biggest secret of humanity,” as said by GOAT’s leader Mr. Stonegoat. ‘Commune’ is the hugely anticipated follow-up to reclusive Sweden psychedelic maestros masterful and otherworldly debut album ‘World Music’, released in 2012 via Rocket Recordings. Originally from Korpilombolo, Northern Sweden, GOAT have been self-described as a musical tradition as opposed to a band in the classic sense. The band fuse psychedelia, Nigerian afro beat, funk and soul to disco, rock, garage, blues and German krautrock to soul-stirring effect. GOAT’s second LP ‘Commune’ will be released by Seattle-based independent label Sub Pop this Autumn.

‘Commune’ will be available on 23 September via Sub Pop.



Craft Spells ‘Nausea’ (Captured Tracks)
Released earlier this Summer, ‘Nausea’ is the wonderful second full-length by Craft Spells’ Justin Vallesteros. Preceded by lead single ‘Breaking The Angle Against The Tide’, ‘Nausea’ is the follow-up to 2010’s debut LP ‘Idle Labor’ and 2012’s subsequent ‘Gallery’ EP. Crucially, the album stems from a bout of writer’s block for Vallesteros; who subsequently put down the guitar for a year while studying the piano which provides the basis for all the tracks on ‘Nausea’. Released on the ever-formidable Brooklyn independent label Captured Tracks (DIIV, Mac Demarco, The Soft Moon), ‘Nausea’ confirm Craft Spells as a hugely exciting and promising artist for the present and the future alike.

‘Nausea’ is available now on Captured Tracks.



The Bluebells ‘Exile On Twee Street’ (Cherry Red)
The Scottish independent music scene has always been one of the richest sources for innovative, timeless and endearing indie/pop music. The likes of Camera Obscura, Teenage Fanclub and The Pastels have consistently made the kind of perfectly crafted and yet highly individual strand of pop music during the nineties and noughties, while before them, the early 1980s was a golden age for Scottish pop, with such bands as The Bluebells, Orange Juice, Altered Images and Lloyd Cole & The Commotions all making their own beautiful indelible on the music scene of both Scotland and the world. ‘Exile On Twee Street’ is a particular treasure (to be released by London’s Cherry Red at the end of the month) as the vast majority of this twenty-track compilation (with the exception of ‘Happy Birthday’) has yet to see a release previously.

‘Exile On Twee Street’ will be available on July 28 on Cherry Red Records.



James Blackshaw ‘Fantomas: Le Faux Magistrat’ (Tompkins Square)
The genesis for this special release by Hastings-based English guitarist and pianist James Blackshaw stemmed from a personal invitation by renowned French composer Yann Tiersen to partake in a special centenary celebration of Louis Feuillade’s Fantômas silent film series at the Théâtre de Châtelet, Paris on October 31st 2013. On the night Blackshaw performed an original score for the fifth and final film in the series, ‘Le Faux Magistrat’. Blackshaw is joined for his set by Duane Pitre and Simon Scott (Slowdive) contributed drums, electronics, synth, bowed guitar, bass and more to Blackshaw’s nylon string guitar and grand piano; Charlotte Glasson contributes violin, vibraphone and several wind instruments to the truly stunning 75-minute score.

‘Fantomas : Le Faux Magistrat’ is available now on Tompkins Square.



Steve Gunn ‘Way Out Weather’ (Paradise Of Bachelors)
The last few years have been remarkably productive for the Brooklyn-based guitarist and songwriter Steve Gunn (Gunn-Truscinski Duo, Kurt Vile’s The Violators). Only this summer, RVNG Intl issued the splendid ‘Cantos de Lisboa’ as part of their ongoing FRKWYS series (where contemporary artists are paired with their influential predecessors), where Gunn performs alongside the inspirational British folk legend Mike Cooper in Lisbon, Portugal. Last year saw Gunn release his timeless classic ‘Time Off’ album, showcasing not only Gunn’s mastery and versatility as a highly distinctive guitarist but also a hugely talented songwriter and lyricist. ‘Way Out Weather’ expands significantly on Gunn’s previously recorded output; most notably where a newfound lush and panoramic wall of sound is created by a gifted artist (and band) in gloriously full stride.

‘Way Out Weather’ will be available on 7 October via Paradise Of Bachelors.



The Chills ‘Molten Gold’ (Fire Records)
Originally formed in 1980 in Dunedin, New Zealand, The Chills are today regarded as one of the country’s most legendary of bands. Fronted by Martin Phillipps, the band lineup would change over the course of the following decades; the band would enjoy significant critical acclaim early on releasing a string of classic records via the legendary NZ label Flying Nun (‘Kaleidoscope World’, ‘Brave Words’). The band later re-located to London (while subsequently the band signed to Warner’s subsidiary label Slash in ’88) before returning to their homeland of NZ as national treasures. With the announcement that US indie label Fire Records have partnered with The Chills and their label Far South, expect a treasure chest to be unleashed in the coming months and years.

‘Molten Gold’ EP available 28th July on Fire Records.



Kölsch ‘Papageno/Cassiopeia’ (Kompakt)
As part of the indispensable SPEICHER record series by revered Cologne-based independent label Kompakt, installment number 79 welcomes back the peerless producer and electronic artist Kölsch, whose most recent full-length, the monumental ‘1977’, has been hailed as one of the most defining modern electronic records. For SPEICHER 79, Kölsch has created a two-track gem with side A’s ‘Papageno’ (featuring Nikolaj Manuel Vorsild of When Saints go Machine on vocals) and the heavenly ‘Cassiopeia’ on the flip-side (where Kölsch is joined by classical composer Gregor Schwellenbach).

‘Papageno/Cassiopeia’ is available now from Beatport HERE.



Deaf Center ‘Recount’ (Sonic Pieces)
This August marks the long-awaited and much-anticipated return of beloved Norwegian duo Deaf Center (comprising the hugely acclaimed duo of school friends Erik Skodvin and Otto Totland). Three years on from their landmark LP ‘Owl Splinters’, a darkly textured, ambient modern masterpiece; ‘Recount’ comes at a time when both Skodvin and Totland have been immersed in numerous side projects of their own (including Totland’s debut solo full-length and Erik K. Skodvin’s stunning 2014 LP ‘Flame’, the follow-up to 2010’s ‘Flare’). ‘Recount’ features two  longform pieces recorded in 2008 and 2012.

‘Recount’ will be issued by Sonic Pieces on 29 August.


Broken Twin_sleeve

Broken Twin ‘May’ (Anti-)
Broken Twin’s ‘May’ is one of 2014’s most intimately personal and utterly timeless albums by Danish songwriter Majke Voss Romme. ‘May’ is the gorgeous first full-length LP by Romme, who has previously released last year’s ‘Hold On To Nothing’ and ‘Sun Has Gone’ EP’s. An innate ability for song craft combine with constantly gripping, beautifully open-ended lyricism which quietly yields truly moving songs in the process. As Romme has said: “I wanted to get back to basics, seeking a sound that was warm and lo-fi; minimal and spacious and focused on the songs”.

‘May’ is available now on Anti-.



Max Richter ‘Retrospective’  & ‘Recomposed’ (Deutsche Grammophon)
This summer Deutsche Grammophon issued the 4-cd box set comprising German neoclassical composer Max Richter’s albums ‘The Blue Notebooks’ (2004); ‘Songs from Before’ (2006); ‘24 Postcards in Full Colour’ (2008) and ‘Infra’ (2010). Only this year, the ever-prolific Richter released his spectacular re-interpretation of Antonio Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’; simply entitled ‘Recomposed’, Deutsche Grammophon’s wonderful package also includes a host of remixes and a stunning live concert from Berlin as a bonus DVD.

Both ‘Retrospective’ and ‘Recomposed’ are available now on Deutsche Grammophon.



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