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Fractured Air 19: Fractured Fragments and Interludes (A Date Palms Mix)

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Date Palms are the core duo of Gregg Kowalsky (keyboards, electronics) and Marielle Jakobsons (violin, flute, electronics) who have released three full length albums to date: ‘Of Psalms’ (Root Strata, 2010); ‘Honey Devash’ (Mexican Summer, 2011); ‘The Dusted Sessions’ (Thrill Jockey, 2013). Date Palms’ latest LP ‘The Dusted Sessions’ has been described by Kowalsky as a road trip album; drawing inspiration from Death Valley and the Yuba River; dry desert heat and the imagery of the Dust Bowl and the American West.


Fractured Air 19: Fractured Fragments and Interludes (A Date Palms Mix)

To listen on Mixcloud:

“This mix’s focus is on fragments and interludes, which sometimes listener’s may feel are filler. But, I’m a fan of the interlude. In fact, the interlude can be the glue holding an album together. Pretty sure we have one or two between the 3 Date Palms LPs. The main criteria for the mix was each track had to be under 2:30 seconds’ish.

I included the earliest Date Palms demo from around 2008 or 2009 of Marielle and I recorded directly to cassette w. violin, mixer feedback and tape loops. The other material is from Date Palms influences or has special meaning to me and the project. The mix closes with “Leaving del Norte” from Bruce Langhorn’s OST from ‘The Hired Hand’. I am also leaving from the North of California to settle in Southern California, more specifically L.A. in August.”

—Gregg Kowalsky, Summer, 2014



01. Bobby Callender ‘Drone/Going Back’ [Iris Music Group]
02. Grateful Dead ‘Space’ [Live at Pauley Pavilion, UCLA on 1978-12-30]
03. Henry Flynt ‘Full Telsat’ [Recorded]
04. Bruce Palmer ‘Interlude’ [Verve Forecast]
05. Don Cherry ‘Sidhartha’ [Caprice]
06. People ‘Prayer Part 1’ [P-Vine]
07. Woo ‘With Bass’ [The Sunshine Series / Emotional Rescue]
08. Date Palms ‘Early Demo’ [Demo]
09. Bobby Callender ‘Interlude 2’ [Iris Music Group]
10. Master Wilburn Burchette ‘Cosmic Celebration’ [Burchette Brothers]
11. Codona ‘Godumaduma’ [ECM]
12. Lewis ‘My Whole Life’ [R.A.W. / Light In The Attic]
13. Stan Hubbs ‘Young Saint Augustine’ [Golden Rose / Companion, Gloriette]
14. Lou Reed ‘The Kids II’ [Berlin Acetate Bootleg]
15. David Crosby ‘Déjà Vu’ (Demo) [Atlantic / Rhino]
16. Ilk ‘Of Souls (A Pantomime)’ [VHF]
17. Luciano Cilio ‘Terzo Quadro- Trascrizione E Pf G.D.S.’ [Die Schachtel]
18. William Eaton ‘Untitled’ [EM]
19. Buddy Emmons ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ [Sonet / Flying Fish]
20. Sandy Bull ‘Last Date’ [Vanguard]
21. Bruce Langhorne ‘Leaving del Norte’ [Blast First Petite / Scissor Tail]


‘The Dusted Sessions’ is available now on Thrill Jockey.


Interview with Gregg Kowalsky HERE.

To follow Fractured Air you can do so on Facebook HERE, & Twitter HERE.


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