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Fractured Air 16: Excavation (A Mixtape by Seti The First)

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Seti The First is the Ireland-based cello-led group comprising the songwriting duo of Kevin Murphy (cello) and Thomas Haugh (drums, marxophone, percussion). ‘Melting Cavalry’ was the band’s debut album, released in 2012 to widespread critical acclaim. The band’s distinctive sound draws inspiration from a wide number of diverse sources (Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Arvo Pärt, John Tavener, Henryk Gorecki, The Haxan Cloak) as demonstrated by this enthralling mix, compiled by Thomas Haugh.


Hulk is Thomas Haugh’s solo project. He has released material with UK labels Static Caravan, Expanding and Melodic; releasing the two albums ‘Silver Thread Of Ghosts’ (2005) and ‘Rise Of A Mystery Tide’ (2008), both can be found via the Irish independent label Osaka. Meanwhile, Kevin Murphy had previously recorded music as Igloo in the late nineties — a creative collaboration between Murphy and Cian Roche with Barnes Goulding on drums. Both Murphy and Haugh have collaborated with a vast array of artists over the years also: Adrian Crowley, Gavin Friday, Andrew Phillpott (formerly of Depeche Mode), Stephen Shannon (via Shannon’s Strands project), John Spillane and Ger Wolfe. Last year, Seti The First provided the original score to the soundtrack for Paul Duane’s film ‘Natan’, a documentary on the Franco-Romanian film director Bernard Natan. Currently, the band are putting their finishing touches to their as yet untitled follow-up to their majestic debut ‘Melting Cavalry’.


Fractured Air 16: Excavation (A Mixtape by Seti The First)

To listen on Mixcloud:


01. Ars Nova ‘Hejnał Średniowieczny’ [DUX]
02. Kaboom Karavan ‘Wälzer’ [Miasmah]
03. Mica Levi ‘Meat to Maths’ [Milan/Rough Trade]
04. Svarte Greiner ‘Raggsokk’ [Type]
05. Simon Fisher Turner ‘All Paths Lead To Rome’ [Demon/Él]
06. Mihály Vig ‘The Turin Horse’ [The Turin Horse OST]
07. The Haxan Cloak ‘Miste’ [Tri Angle]
08. Benedicte Maurseth / Knut Hamre ‘Rameslått I’ [Heilo]


Notes on selection:

01. Taken from album ‘Muzyka dawna na Wawelu’ (Music on Wawel Castle) released on Polish label DUX Recording Producers (founded in 1992 by Malgorzata Polanska and Lech Tolwinski, graduates of the sound engineering department of the Fryderyk Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw).

02. Kaboom Karavan is the alias of Belgian soundwizard and musician Bram Bosteels. Kaboom Karavan released 3 albums through the Berlin-based Miasmah label.

03. Taken from the soundtrack to ‘Under The Skin’, directed by Jonathan Glazer, adapted from the debut novel by Michel Faber.

04. Taken from the limited 7″ (300 copies) on Type Records.

05. Taken from the original soundtrack to the film ‘Caravaggio’, directed by Derek Jarman (1986).

06. Taken from Mihály Vig’s score for Béla Tarr’s 2011 film ‘The Turin Horse’ (A torinói ló).

07. Taken from The Haxan Cloak (Bobby Krlic)’s 2013 album ‘Excavation’.

08. Taken from ‘Amina’, an album recorded in Sofienberg Church, Oslo, March 2011, available on Norwegian label Helio (a sub-label to the Grappa record label).


The follow-up to ‘Melting Cavalry’ is a forthcoming release by Seti The First.


To follow Fractured Air you can do so on Facebook HERE, & Twitter HERE.



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