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Inventions ‘Inventions’ (Temporary Residence Ltd)
Inventions is the inspired collaboration between Portland, Oregon-based Matthew Cooper of Eluvium and Mark T. Smith of Explosions In The Sky. Interestingly, Cooper hasn’t been a member of any “band” since he was a teenager; while no member of legendary Texan post-rock outfit Explosions In The Sky has ever released material outside of EITS. The inception for Inventions began when Cooper invited Smith (already longtime friends and labelmates) to collaborate on a song for Eluvium’s double album ‘Nightmare Ending’, released last May via Temporary Residence. Through Inventions, Cooper and Smith’s intriguing eponymous debut album reveals eight majestic tracks imbued with otherworldly sonic terrains steeped in beauty, pain and hope.

‘Inventions’ is available now on Temporary Residence.


Yann Tiersen ‘∞ (Infinity)’ (Mute)
‘Infinity’ is french composer Yann Tiersen’s latest album and follow-up to 2011’s ‘Skyline’, which set for release this May via Mute Records. Last year Tiersen curated — and participated in — a special centenary celebration of Louis Feuillade’s Fantômas series at the Théâtre de Châtelet, Paris (Tiersen was joined on the lineup by Tim Hecker, James Blackshaw, Loney Dear, Amiina).

‘Infinity’ is released by Mute on May 19th in the UK (May 16th Germany/Australia, May 20th USA/Canada).


Ryley Walker ‘All Kinds Of You’ (Tompkins Square)
‘All Kinds Of You’ is the hugely anticipated debut album by Chicago’s Ryley Walker, available now via Tompkins Square (William Tyler, Daniel Bachman, Mark Fosson). At only 24 years of age, Walker has already established himself as one of the most exciting prospects as both an accomplished singer/songwriter and guitarist. Recorded in Chicago by Cooper Crain (guitarist/keyboardist in Cave), ‘All Kinds Of You’ features the gorgeous ‘The West Wind’ (previously released as a 3-song 12″ EP last November), while Walker cites the influences of Tim Buckley, Bert Jansch and Tim Hardin.

‘All Kinds Of You’ is available now on Tompkins Square.


Brigid Power-Ryce ‘I Told You The Truth’ (Bandcamp)
Recorded in St. Nicholas’ Church in County Galway, Brigid Power-Ryce’s ‘I Told You The Truth’ is a gorgeous new set of songs confirming Ryce as one of the most special musical talents on Irish shores. The church-setting and early morning recordings add a warm intimacy to proceedings, while Ryce’s immense talents as both vocalist and musician takes center stage. Across seven heavenly tracks — from the dreamy folk offering ‘Where Are You Tonight?’ to the sublime ukulele-led title-track, the spirits of both Sibylle Baier and Vashti Bunyan are brought to mind.

‘I Told You The Truth’ is available to buy HERE, and listen HERE.


Teebs ‘E S T A R A’ (Brainfeeder)
The New York-born twenty-six year-old producer and painter Mtendere Mandowa AKA Teebs releases the glorious ‘E S T A R A’ this year, and follow-up to the dreamlike ‘Ardour’ from 2010. In the meantime, Teebs also put out ‘Collections 01’, a compilation comprising a collection of material, often ideas or vignettes, composed by Teebs for the Brainfeeder label (described as “neither EPs or full albums. Just mini collections of ideas..”). ‘E S T A R A’ is fluid, magical, blissful and always wholly engaging and utterly enriching.

‘E S T A R A’ is available now on Brainfeeder.


Greg Gives Peter Space (Erased Tapes)
Greg Gives Peter Space is the debut collaboration between longtime friends, American songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick and UK composer Greg Haines, whose mutual passion for dub music channeled the spark for their debut mini album, to be released by Erased Tapes this June.
As Broderick has stated: “Greg and I became good friends while both living in Berlin, around 2009 to 2013. We spent countless late nights playing records for each other, dreaming the dream of good music. We talked a lot about collaborating and even put in quite a few hours at each other’s studios . . . but for some strange reason we never seemed to finish anything. Maybe we were just busy enough with our other projects and didn’t feel in any rush. But we certainly had it in mind that we’d like to finish something one day. And we are very proud to say that day is finally here!”

Greg Gives Peter Space will be released on Vinyl and Download via Erased Tapes on June 16, 2014.


WIFE ‘What’s Between’ (Tri Angle)
‘What’s Between’ is the long-awaited debut LP by James Kelly’s WIFE — best known as the sole permanent member and writer behind black metal outfit Altar Of Plagues — is due out this June on Tri Angle Records (Balam Acab, Forest Swords, Vessel, The Haxan Cloak). Previously, Tri Angle have released WIFE’s debut EP ‘Stoic’, heralding Kelly as a huge new talent and creative force in the electronic music scene. ‘What’s Between’ is produced by WIFE alongside The Haxan Cloak, lie & Roly Porter.

‘What’s Between’ will be released on June 10th via Tri Angle Records.


Alice Coltrane ‘A Monastic Trio’ (Superior Viaduct)
Originally released in 1968, Alice Coltrane’s ‘A Monastic Trio’ will be reissued via Superior Viaduct this May. ‘A Monastic Trio’ is a milestone record for many reasons: it was written in the year following John Coltrane (Alice’s husband)’s passing; it is also the first recording by Alice Coltrane as a band leader, it’s six original recordings echoing the spirit of her husband. As the late Amiri Baraka writes, “‘I Want to See You’ is a monastic piano concerto. With echoes of Europe…It has a solemnity and majesty to it… Yes, monastic is the word. The piano broods in its earth imagination.”

‘A Monastic Trio’ will be re-issued on 13th May 2014 via Superior Viaduct.


Rodion G.A. ‘Misiunea Spatiala Delta’ (Strut)
Fresh from the spectacular ‘The Lost Tapes’ set, issued by Strut last year to wide critical acclaim, comes ‘Misiunea Spatiala Delta’, an obscure hidden treasure in Rodion Rosça’s considerable songbook. Available for this month’s Record Store Day as a special limited edition vinyl release, ‘Misiunea Spatiala Delta’ is a long-lost film soundtrack originally written in the early eighties, only to be shelved at the last-minute. As Strut write: “Inspired by early ’80s Star Wars mania‚ Victor Antonescu had first created Misuinea Spatiala Delta (Delta Space Mission) as a domestic animated TV series in 1983. Despite recording a 15-minute prototype score, Rodion’s music was tragically shelved at a late stage, remaining an unreleased oddity in his archive until now.”

‘Misiunea Spatiala Delta’ is available on limited release now on Strut Records.


Trans AM ‘Volume X’ (Thrill Jockey)
Independent music’s beloved Trans AM release their magnificent tenth studio album this August via Chicago-based label Thrill Jockey. The trio have yet again effortlessly re-defined themselves to wonderful effect. ‘Volume X’ was recorded in spurts over three years, mostly at LCR Studios in San Francisco, and demonstrate the full scope of the immense talents of the legendary trio of Phil Manley, Nathan Means, and Sebastian Thomson.

‘Volume X’ is out 11th August via Thrill Jockey.


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