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Fractured Air 11: Soft Intruders (A Mixtape by John Lemke)

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To listen on Mixcloud:


01. Pole – Modul
02. Nicolas Jaar – Too Many Kids In The Dust
03. Liars – No. 1 Against The Rush
04. Jan Jelinek – Music To Interrogate By
05. Amon Tobin – 4 Ton Mantis
06. Radiohead – Kinetic
07. Greg Haines – Something Happened
08. Hauschka – Ping
09. Piano Interrupted – Hobi
10. Grouper – Vital
11. Talk Talk – The Rainbow
12. PJ Harvey – England
13. Solarference – Cold Blows The Wind
14. Lali Puna – Come On Home
15. Gonjasufi – Kobwebz
16. Apaslar – Gil Gamis
17. Moondog – Moondog’s Symphony 1 (Timberwolf) & Karheinz Stockhausen – Gesang Der Jünglinge
18. Jonny Greenwood – Trench
19. Popol Vuh – Lacrime Di Re
20. Scott Walker – On Your Own Again
21. Can – Vitamin C
22. Bläck | Tract – Backed Into A Corner
23. Burial – Rival Dealer
24. Everyday Dust – Mantra


John Lemke is a Glasgow-based composer who released his debut full-length ‘People Do’ last July on the Berlin-based independent label Denovali Records. Originally from Berlin, Lemke works across a range of media including collaborative works, live performance, film sound design and a documentary composer for the BBC and Channel 4. This April John Lemke will perform at this year’s Denovali Swingfest Experimental Music Festival in both London (18-19 April) and Berlin (26-26 April), full details of the Denovali Swingfest are HERE.  ‘Soft Intruders’ is a mixtape compiled by Lemke that “definitely reflects my current listening”.


‘People Do’ is available now on Denovali Records.


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February 12, 2014 at 1:14 pm

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