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Mark McGuire ‘Along The Way’ (Dead Oceans)
‘Along The Way’ is the new album from former Emeralds member Mark McGuire, a hugely gifted guitarist and producer who has over the last few years toured with Ducktails, performed as a fifth member of the legendary Afghan Whings, and collaborated with numerous artists such as Ponytail’s Dustin Wong. The album’s first single, ‘Instinct’, featured a remix by Norwegian producer Prins Thomas, while second single ‘In Search of the Miraculous’ has also been issued in the lead up to the album’s release. According to McGuire: “This story is an odyssey through the vast, unknown regions of the mind. The endless unfolding of psychological landscapes, leading to perpetual discoveries and expansions, in a genuinely emergent and infinite world of worlds.” Vast, soul-stirring and vital.

‘Along The Way’ is available now on Dead Oceans.


Angel Olsen ‘Burn Your Fire For No Witness’ (Jagjaguwar)
To date, Olsen has created the mesmerizing ‘Strange Cacti EP’ (Bathetic, 2010) and debut full-length ‘Half Way Home’ (Bathetic, 2012), and has also collaborated with Marissa Nadler and performed extensively with Emmett Kelly’s The Cairo Gang, where she contributed to both Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s ‘Wolfroy Goes To Town’ (Drag City, 2011) and last year’s stunning 12″ ‘Solemns’ by Marquis de Tren with Bonnie “Prince” Billy (a short 3-track gem featuring Olsen alongside Emmett Kelly’s Cairo Gang and Dirty Three’s Mick Turner). ‘Burn Your Fire For No Witness’ sees Olsen expand her sound palette (much of the album were recorded as a trio alongside Josh Jaeger on drums and Stewart Bronaugh on bass) while the album sessions were recorded with the band live, with vocals added later. The unmistakable poetic lyricism of Olsen’s remain as strongly evident as always throughout ‘Burn Your Fire For No Witness’, a timeless gem detailing life’s intricate complexities in the process.

‘Burn Your Fire For No Witness’ is available on 18 February on Jagjaguwar.


Love Cult ‘Know EP’ (Nightschool)
Love Cult, comprising the Russian duo Anya Kuts and Ivan Zoloto (the pair are based in deepest Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia, to be precise) released ‘Know’ at the end of January on London-based independent label Nightschool Records. In the past, Love Cult have travelled and toured with Ensemble Economique, High Wolf and Lucky Dragons. The pair also run the cassette label Full Of Nothing. Following on from their debut full-length ‘Fingers Crossed’ (Public Information, 2012), ‘Know’ finds Love Cult explore more dub and techno terrains this time around, across the EP’s twenty-minutes and four tracks. Including ‘Mise En Abyme’, ‘My Boy’, ‘Lust Undone’ and ‘It’s True’, the EP is available digitally and as a limited edition vinyl (300 copies).

‘Know EP’ is available now on NightSchool Records.


Helm ‘Impasse’ (New Images)
Helm is the pseudonym for London-based artist Luke Younger. The origins of ‘Impasse’ can be drawn back to 2008 when Younger released a condensed, edited version of the album as a mini CDR for the Low Point label. This newly issued expanded reissue features two original remastered tracks as well as two compositions from the original sessions that remained unmixed and unreleased until a couple of years ago. ‘Impasse’ comprises four stunning and highly immersive loop-based pieces by Younger, each revealing whole worlds of sound upon every visit.

‘Impasse’ is available now on New Images.


Beck ‘Morning Phase’ (Capitol)
The long wait for ‘Morning Phase’ — Beck’s forthcoming twelfth studio album and follow-up to 2008’s ‘Modern Guilt’ — is nearly over as Capitol Records plan a late February release. Of course, in the interim Beck has been busy producing a whole host of albums, including Charlotte Gainsbourg’s ‘IRM’, Thurston Moore’s ‘Demolished Thoughts’ and Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks LP ‘Mirror Traffic’. In his Record Club series, where Beck is joined by various musicians (including Wilco, Feist, Devendra Banhart and Thurston Moore to date) members meet and record an album in a day (albums by Yanni, INXS, Skip Spence, Leonard Cohen and Velvet Underground & Nico have thus far been documented), while ‘Reader’ was released at the end of last year, a brand new 20-track album released only in sheet music form. Thus far, two sublime 12″ records have been issued — ‘Blue Moon’ and ‘I Won’t Be Long’ — making ‘Morning Phase’ one of the year’s most anticipated albums. In this month’s Mojo Magazine, Beck reveals his plans for making four new albums — 80% of which are finished — so expect a treasure trove of musical gems courtesy of the forever-indispensable Beck Hansen in the short-term.

‘Morning Phase’ will be released by Capitol on 25 February.


Black Dirt Oak ‘Wawayanda Patent’ (Mie Music)
The incredible collaborative Black Dirt Oak comprise: Steve Gunn (GHQ, Desert Heat, Violators), Nathan Bowles (Pelt, Black Twig Pickers), Jimy SeiTang (Rhyton, Stygian Stride, Psychic Ills), Justin Tripp (Georgia, Steve Gunn), Margot Bianca (Flown, Key Demo), Dave Shuford (Rhyton, D. Charles Speer, NNCK), and Wednesday Knudsen (Pigeons, Sea Donkeys). Recorded in Jason Meagher’s Black Dirt Studio, ‘Wawayanda Patent’ is released by London-based label Mie Music in a limited vinyl edition of only 500 pressings, while a digital download is also available.

‘Wawayanda Patent’ is available now on Mie Music.


F.J. McMahon ‘Spirit Of The Golden Juice’ (Rev-Ola / Sacred Bones)
Since first discovering the timeless, haunting sounds of ‘Spirt Of The Golden Juice’ only last year (courtesy of a mixtape compiled for us by Philadelphia harpist Mary Lattimore), F.J. McMahon’s 1969 masterpiece has been a constant ever since. ‘Spirit of The Golden Juice’, McMahon’s only album, is both a deeply personal and wholly life-affirming album featuring McMahon accompanied predominantly by an acoustic guitar, recalling the likes of Bill Fay, Fred Neil or Tim Hardin in the process. The album’s nine timeless tracks cull their inspiration from McMahon’s experiences and time spent in Vietnam while serving in the U.S. Air Force, while “Golden Juice” is a reference to I.W. Harper bourbon, the “fuel of the times”.

‘Spirit Of The Golden Juice’ is available now on Sacred Bones.


Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier ‘Those Vermillion Sands’ (NNA Tapes)
Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier is the alias for the Brussels-based French composer (and visual artist) Félicia Atkinson, who has been quietly releasing dozens of recordings over the past decade or so (under both Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier and her own name). ‘Those Vermillion Sands’ is the latest recording by Atkinson’s alter ego, released by NNA tapes, a cassette and record label set up in 2008 in Burlington, VT, USA. Like much of Atkinson’s practice over the years, particular attention is taken in layering complex vignettes of skilfully layered electronics together with a myriad of evocative and enchanting vocal work (often consisting of spoken-word pieces delivered in both french and english). As always, Atkinson masterly negotiates fluid, wide-open vistas which are both shrouded in darkness as well as bathed in a heavenly light.

‘Those Vermillion Sands’ is available now on NNA Tapes.


Xylouris White (Jim White with George Xylouris) (
Xylouris White is the inspired collaboration between Greek lute player George Xylouris and the Australian, Brooklyn-based drummer Jim White. Both composers are legends in their own right, the former through his Cretan lute-led sounds of the Xylouris Ensemble, the latter through his membership of mythical Australian trio Dirty Three and myriad collaborations over the years (Nina Nastasia, Cat Power, Bill Callahan, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, to name a few). Both have harnessed truly unique and unparalleled playing styles and levels of musicianship in their respective instruments where inspiration seems in endless supply at all times. Xylouris White create the kind of celestial, contemporary and powerful music which blurs all boundaries and constantly defies all categorization (and logic) in the process.


Tom Diabo ‘Dark Star’ (Captured Tracks)
From Wuppertal, Germany, Tom Diabo played in several bands during the late 70’s and early 80’s (most notably Western Force and X-112 For Dancing) and also curated “Talfahrt”, a series of local cassettes which reached legendary status. In 1988 Diabo passed away from cancer, shortly after his 30th birthday. ‘Dark Star’ would comprise the many songs Diabo left behind on his untimely passing, featuring Diabo’s extensive home-recorded songs, each song never fails to emit a life-affirming and transformative spirit on the listener.

‘Dark Star’ is available now on Captured Tracks.


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