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Fractured Air 05: See Through Love (A Mixtape by Justin Walter)

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This year Justin Walter (longtime Nomo member) released his magnificent debut LP “Lullabies and Nightmares” on the world-renowned Chicago-based independent label Kranky. The following is how Justin Walter describes the album:
“I set out to record an album of completely improvised music that fused my experiments with the Electronic Valve Instrument and my love of held sounds on the trumpet. In recent years I’ve come to see the trumpet as an instrument that speaks in slow and long sounds, with meaning coming from the shape and inflection of each note. The process for this was fairly straight forward, record lots of improvisations. Of the songs on the album, most are one take improvisations with the only overdubs being drums.”
The resulting album is one of the most remarkable albums released this year. Presented here by Justin Walter is a selection of music that has influenced him: “A few pale ales later and here are some things that have inspired me.”


Fractured Air 05: See Through Love (A Mixtape by Justin Walter)


01 Sufjan Stevens – All Delighted People D Side
02 Colin Stetson – Those Who Don’t Run
03 Junip – In Every Direction
04 Boards Of Canada – Pete Standing Alone
05 Shigeto – Detroit Part 1
06 Billie Holliday – Porgy
07 Arthur Russell – See Through Love


To listen on Soundcloud:


The copyright in these recordings is the property of the individual artists and/or their respective record labels. If you like the music, please support the artist by buying their records.



Fractured Air 05. The universe is making music all the time.

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November 19, 2013 at 1:03 pm

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