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Mixtape: In Praise Of Tears (A Mixtape By Benoît Pioulard)

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To listen on Soundcloud:

Compiled by Thomas Meluch (aka Benoît Pioulard), “In Praise Of Tears” features a mostly vinyl-only mix featuring a selection of ten tracks culled from Tom’s record collection. In the words of Tom: “I ended up with the afternoon off the other day, so I made up a whiskey soda and got to mixing this thing of mostly-vinyl-only bits for you..hope it suits your fancy..” Benoît Pioulard’s latest album, ‘Hymnal’, is available now on the Chicago-based independent label Kranky.


01. The Remote Viewer / Untitled #9 (from ‘Untitled’ LP)
02. Nat King Cole / Calypso Blues (from ‘Calypso Blues/Lost April’ single)
03. Bibio / Bequeath (from ‘A Tout a L’heure’ 7″)
04. Kyle Bobby Dunn / In Praise of Tears (from ‘In Miserum Stercus’ LP)
05. The Fleetwoods / Truly Do (from ‘Greatest Hits’ LP)
06. Valet / Beachgaze Rendered (from ‘Fire’ 7″)
07. Grouper / Everyone in Turn (from ‘Tried’ 7″)
08. The Castells / So This is Love (from ‘So This is Love/On the Street of Tears’ single)
09. Loscil / Unit Circle (from ‘Sine Studies’ 7″)
10. Windy & Carl / The White Birch (from ‘Windy & Carl’ 12″ EP)

To listen on Soundcloud:

Fractured Air 09. The universe is making music all the time.

The copyright in these recordings is the property of the individual artists and/or their respective record labels. If you like the music, please support the artist by buying their records.


‘Hymnal’ by Benoît Pioulard is out now on Kranky.


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banjo + baxter + 45s

“banjo + baxter + 45s” by Thomas Meluch.


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