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Mixtape: Space Songs (A Mixtape by Musette)

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Compiled by Musette’s Joel Danell, “Space Songs” features a typically diverse, warmly enticing and wholly enthralling set of songs. Currently, Musette is recording the follow-up to his wonderful “Drape Me In Velvet” (an album inspired by Danell’s large collection of cassettes and reel to reel tapes from the 1950s and 1960s), released last year on the Swedish independent label Häpna.


01. Leonard Rosenman – March of the Apes (Fox Music)
02. Dick Hyman – The Liquidator (Command)
03. Keith Popworth – Hard Hitter (Music De Wolfe)
04. Richard Hayman – Samba de Victoria (Command)
05. Dick Hyman – Isn’t It Odd (MGM)
06. Claude Denjean – Lay Lady Lay (Phase 4 Stereo / Decca)
07. Enoch Light – Walk On By (Project 3)
08. Dick Hyman – Give It Up Or Turn It Loose (Command)
09. Rod Hunter – Dear Miss Christie (London)
10. Tom Glazer & Dottie Evans – Zoom A Little Zoom (Motivation)
11. The Electric Hair – Let The Sunshine In (Philips)
12. Don Harper – Shake That Bow/Shake Does Bones (Impress)
13. John Coltrane – Venus (ABC / Impulse!)
14. Moondog – Symphonique #6 (Good for Goodie) (Columbia)
15. Sounds Galactic – Across The Universe (Phase 4 Stereo / Decca)

To listen on Soundcloud:

Fractured Air 08. The universe is making music all the time.

The copyright in these recordings is the property of the individual artists and/or their respective record labels. If you like the music, please support the artist by buying their records.


“Drape Me In Velvet” by Musette is available now on Häpna.



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