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Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaValle “Perils From The Sea” (Caldo Verde)
“Perils From The Sea” is yet another hauntingly beautiful collection written by the legendary American songsmith Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon). Here, Kozelek is joined by The Album Leaf’s Jimmy LaValle who provides the music to Kozelek’s words. The musical arrangements are kept wonderfully sparse, where LaValle’s use of electronics, drum beats and swirling synth presets provide the perfect platform for Kozelek’s deeply affecting and moving narrative songs. Some of Kozelek’s finest moments are matched here, like the gorgeous “From The Time That I Awoke”:
“I wrote poetry throughout my teens / And I far exceeded my childhood dreams / Teachers told me I couldn’t write / That I’d never make a living or touch anyone’s life / People told me I couldn’t sing / That I’d never amount to much of anything”


Forest Swords “Engravings” (Tri Angle)
Forest Swords is the pseudonym for Liverpool producer Matthew Barnes, who releases his hotly anticipated debut album “Engravings” this August on the Tri Angle label. Thus far Forest Swords has released the critically acclaimed debut “Dagger Paths” EP in 2010, and has recently made the tracks “Thor’s Stone” and “The Weight Of Gold” available online, the latter confirming the hype and acclaim is fully merited for this hugely talented artist. “Engravings” will be released on Tri Angle on 26 August 2013.


Letherette “Letherette” (Ninja Tune)
This year saw the Wolverhampton based electronic duo Letherette – consisting of childhood friends Richard Roberts and Andy Harber – release their self-titled debut album on the pioneering Ninjatune label. The album showcases the talents of the pair while also highlighting the broad range of influences that have seeped into their record collections over the years. According to Roberts, their ultimate aim is “to be in a position where they make great albums playing to great people.” “While Harber has said: ‘We always want to be in touch with what’s good and to make music we’re proud of and never go stale. If that ever happened, in my ears, we’d call it a day.”


Sarah Neufeld “Hero Brother” (Constellation)
Best known as band-member to Arcade Fire and a founding member of the acclaimed contemporary instrumental ensemble Bell Orchestre, Sarah Neufeld’s breathtaking violin talents can be witnessed in her solo LP “Hero Brother”. Written and composed by Neufeld, the album was mixed and produced by Berlin-based Nils Frahm who also adds harmonium and piano to the album. According to Neufeld, “Hero Brother is a gathering of characters in our collective mythology- the strong and weak; the secrets buried underground, played by one instrument, echoed by my own voice as plaintive companion.”


Hidden Highways “Old Hearts Reborn” (Out On A Limb)
Hidden Highways’ much-anticipated debut album will be released this September on Limerick-based independent label Out On A Limb Records. Comprising the duo of Carol Anne McGowan and Tim V Smith, Hidden Highways create stunning, immersive folk songs recalling the likes of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. McGowan’s vocals are stunning throughout, her harmonies with Smith recall the spirit of Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra. Last year the band issued their self-titled EP – proving to be one of the year’s quietly unassuming, hidden treasures – which included a heart-stopping rendition of the Jeff Alexander-penned classic “Come Wander With Me”. “Old Hearts Reborn” will be released on Out On A Limb Records on 13 September 2013.


Promised Land Sound “Promised Land Sound” (Paradise Of Bachelors)
The self-titled debut album by Promised Land Sound (named after a Chuck Berry jam) is destined to become one of the year’s most talked about albums. The Nashville-based band shot to the attention of many when Jack White (also a Nashville native) released a live 7″ recording of the band on his Third Man Records Label. The band’s hugely impressive sonic palette recalls a wide array of artists including Link Wray, The Band, The Stones, Gene Clark and Gram Parsons. The self titled debut was co-produced by Nashville guitarist (and Lambchop, Hiss Golden Messenger and Silver Jews contributor) William Tyler and Jem Cohen of the Ettes and the Parting Gifts. “Promised Land Sound” will be released by the North Carolina-based label Paradise Of Bachelors on 24 September.


Erased Tapes V Boxset (Erased Tapes)
This year marks the fifth anniversary of the hugely influential record label Erased Tapes. It is amazing to think that in such a short space of time the label have released some of the finest music of recent times, with recordings by artists such as Peter Broderick, Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds and A Winged Victory For The Sullen.
Fittingly, on their anniversary year, the label released “Corollaries”, the new album by legendary pianist Lubomyr Menlnyk, whose pioneering Continous Music has inspired a generation of musicians. The box set features exclusive, previously unreleased recordings made by the label’s incredible roster of artists. What makes it all the more exclusive is the fact that a the compilation won’t become digitally available until the end of the year. A must have for music-lovers everywhere.

While Nils Frahm’s “Juno” is not included, the much sought-after vinyl has been reissued (in beautiful turquoise) after the initial pressing sold out. The material (“For” and “Peter”, written for friend and colleague Peter Broderick) is exclusively made with the Juno synthesizer, showcasing Frahm’s incredible talents as one of the most inspiring of contemporary composers.


Bill Callahan “Dream River” (Drag City)
One of the modern greats, Bill Callahan, releases his new album “Dream River” and eagerly awaited follow-up to his immaculate “Apocalypse” this Autumn, on Drag City. Since dropping his Smog moniker, beginning in 2007 with the release of “Woke On A Whaleheart” Callahan has produced a string of stunning albums, confirming his status as one of the finest artists around. According to Drag City: “Ol’ man Eagle is back, floatin’ Apocalyptically on a Whaleheart down the Dream River. Eight gentle percolations fire the pressure-cooker of life, dialing us into the Callahanian mind- and soul-set. Deep like aqua, soulful like man and animal alike.” “Dream River” will be released by Drag City on 17 September 2013.


White Hills “In Your Room” (Thrill Jockey)
This year Chicago-based label Thrill Jockey have been releasing a raft of sublime albums (last month alone saw records by New York trio White Hills, kandodo, and the long-awaited re-pressing of Mountains’ debut LP “Mountains Mountains Mountains”) showcasing some of the most exciting bands making music today. “So You Are…So You’ll Be” is White Hills’ seventh studio album and was recorded with Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Brian Eno, Swans) at BC Studios where White Hills also recorded 2012’s “Frying On This Rock”. According to Dave W: “Heavy psychedelic music can deliver the thinking mind through a door to the greater universe. I want people to find a space for meditation. We all are constantly barraged and beaten down with a lot of bullshit today. Personally, I find that spaced-out extreme music transports me to a very tranquil place. I hope, more than anything, our music brings others to that place of enlightenment and ecstasy.”


Rodigon G.A. “The Lost Tapes” (Strut)
Released at the end of May, “The Lost Tapes” comprises the first ever commercially released album of Rodion G.A.’s music. The material has been unheard and unreleased for over thirty years and was issued by London-based label Strut in association with Future Nuggets and Ambassador’s Reception. Rodion Rosca composed and recorded much of the music on a primitive makeshift set-up of early drum machines, Tesla reel to reels, and live instruments. The collection is simply a gleaming treasure and one which every music collector should proudly own.


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