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Step Right Up: Postiljonen

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Swedish trio Postiljonen release their debut album “Skyer” (translates to “clouds”) this year on Best Fit Recordings.

Words: Mark Carry, Illustration: Craig Carry


Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Postiljonen craft mesmerizing dream-pop odysseys that fit nicely between the synth pop magic of Chromatics, Glass Candy, Nite Jewel and ethereal pop of Beach House, Still Corners and Washed Out. Led by singer Mia Bøe, multi instrumentalists Daniel Sjörs and Joel Nyström Holm blend gorgeous chill-wave music containing saxophones, synthesizers and infectious beats. Bøe’s voice melts effortlessly into the glorious haven of dream-pop sounds, which serves the undying spark to the band’s debut album. ‘Skyer’. As the title suggests, ‘Skyer’ is the norwegian word for “clouds” and perfectly encapsulates the music of Postiljonen.

‘Atlantis’ – the album closer – was my first introduction to Postiljonen’s music. The single is one of those perfect summer songs, charged with anthemic beats and soaring saxophone melodies amidst Bøe’s utterly beguiling vocals. The opening notes of synths lead the way, before compelling instrumentation of saxophone and dazzling beats are interwoven between Bøe’s affecting voice. Bøe sings of a “trembling heart” as the dynamic changes to something fragile and delicate, that conjures up the timeless sound of Kate Bush.

The ballads on ‘Skyer’ are the songs that leave an everlasting imprint on your mind. The album’s centerpiece for me is ‘On The Run’, a ballad that could be taken from the soundtrack to a neon-burning night of a Nicolas Refn film, such is its seductive brilliance. In fact in many ways, the distinctive sound of independent label, Italians Do It Better and the formidable roster of talent – where Johnny Jewel (Chromatics, Nite Jewel, Glass Candy, Symmetry) – lies at the heart of the otherworldly pop sound. ‘On The Run’ consists of heartfelt vocals and heavenly layers of synthesizer and guiding drumbeats. The closing refrain of “in the end” is one of the stellar moments of ‘Skyer’, where yes, it feels as if you are taken high above the clouds, far removed and beautifully lost. The lyric “let me sleep forever” evokes the dream-wave sound so wonderfully crafted by the young Swedish trio.

Whitney Houston’s ‘All That We Had Is Lost’ is re-interpreted here by Bøe and co. The fusion of all elements of ‘Skyer”s hallmark sound – saxophone, beats, synths, vocals, and immaculate production – is utilized to great effect. The chorus refrain of “all that we had is lost” exudes fragile beauty that soothes your every aching pore. Much in the same way as Chromatics, whose records feature glorious cover versions – Neil Young’s ‘Hey Hey My My (Into The Black)’ and Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ – Postiljonen similarly make the song their own, and serves a slow-burning climax to ‘Skyer’.

‘We Raise Our Hearts’ is an anthem in the waiting, with charged beats and mesmerizing pop hooks. Bøe’s vocals are divine. The lyric of “Waltz with you / On barefoot nights” is yet another special moment, that are dotted across ‘Skyer’s shimmering skies and summer blissed seas. The reverb-drenched vocals and heavy use of percussion on ‘Rivers’ is a welcome departure in sound. ‘Rivers’ could be ‘Sun’ era Cat Power where dazzling production is combined with achingly beautiful vocals of Bøe. Spoken word segments are interspersed throughout; “the truth shall set you free ” flows beneath the album’s soaring skyline. Seek out Postiljonen, where you are invited to “the forest of mysteries”. You will not be disappointed.


“Skyer” is out now on Best Fit Recordings.


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August 14, 2013 at 3:06 pm

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