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Whatever You Love You Are: Pick A Piper

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Brad Weber – drummer to Dan Snaith’s Caribou – has this year released one of the defining records of the year in the form of his self-titled LP by his collaborative project Pick A Piper. The debut album wonderfully covers a myriad of sounds and influences (dance, soul, jazz, pop, electronica, afrobeat) creating a vivid sonic palette while revealing music’s endless possibilities. The following are, in Brad Weber’s own words, “some songs that have been really inspiring me lately…”

Words: Brad Weber, Illustration: Craig Carry


Kelan Philip Cohran and the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – “Cuernavaca”

The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble don’t need much introduction, one of my favourite groups of the last 5 years easily. Well the 8 brothers took their infectiously funky skills and applied them to their dad’s (a Chicago jazz legend) compositions. This track has a bit of a eastern european vibe. Can’t get enough of it.


Chancha Via Circuito – “hipopotamo”

This Argentinian producer seems pretty well known to me, but then again I’m always surprised how few people actually seem to know his music. The genre is called “cumbia digital” but I don’t feel like that description does his music any justice compared to the rest of the new cumbia artists out there. Again, someone else’s write-up seems to explain it well: “dreamy, neo-primitive mix of chopped-up pan flutes, folk guitar, Coke-bottle percussion, and booming, electronically treated drums– an almost shamanistic sound that carries its own landscape: underbrush, riverbanks, campfires.” His arrangements are incredibly sparse for the most part, but you never feel like anything is missing. It feels like each element is very carefully crafted to it’s fullest extent. This isn’t necessarily my favourite track, it’s hard to choose. So I’d recommend listening to this entire EP (all on soundcloud) to get a better idea.


Floating Points – “wires”

Just heard this epic new Floating Points production featuring a huge ensemble of musicians. Wow!


Rocketnumbernine – “rotunda”

RNN are releasing their new record on May 21st on Smalltown Supersound. This track is a huge leap forward for the synth and drums brother duo, taking their sounds to places I never imagined!


Jonas Rathsman – “Tobago (Original Mix)”

Killer feel-good housey track that lifts me out of my seat every time I throw it on.


Mpese Mpese Band – Mpese Mpese Theme (Drumtalk Remix)

Their description works best! “London-based producer DrumTalk flips the Asiko rhythms of Ghana’s Mpese Mpese Band – bridging the gap between Hackney and Accra. The original track came out in Nigeria in 1986.”
From the incredible Sofrito label.


Xavier Leon – “entrenched”

Xavier is a dude from Montreal who writes pretty manic, left-field type tracks. They can be pretty dark but some have a lot of brightness to them as well. This one I feel like meets halfway in the middle.


Jeri-Jeri (with Mbene Diatta Seck) – “Xale”

Super hot Sengalese jam. Check out their track “Mbeuguel Dafa Nekh” as well!


The self-titled debut album by Pick A Piper is out now on Mint Records.

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April 17, 2013 at 5:42 pm

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