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Something’s Going On: Mountains

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We’re delighted to be co-presenting (with Plugd Records) Thrill Jockey’s finest Mountains who will perform at The Black Mariah, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork on May 8th. The duo’s current album, the sublime ‘Centralia’ is out now on Thrill Jockey. 

Illustration: Craig Carry



Mountains comprise the duo of Koen Holtkamp and Brendon Anderegg. Based in Brooklyn, the pair have been responsible for some of independent music’s most treasured music over the last decade or so. This year marks the release of ‘Centralia’ (on the Chicago-based Thrill Jockey label), the band’s fifth album and follow-up to 2011’s ‘Air Museum.’ I never thought the band could possibly improve upon their masterpiece ‘Choral’ (Thrill Jockey, 2009) but Holtkamp and Anderegg have somehow managed to do just that with ‘Centralia.’

As we’ve come to expect from Mountains, the music on ‘Centralia’ is spellbinding; wonderfully crafted sonic textures effortlessly fuse together to create an otherworldly sound. ‘Centralia’ itself is named from the town of Centralia in Pennsylvania, which was the site of a tragic mine fire in 1962, which lead to the town’s abandonment. Ghosts of Centralia can be heard throughout the LP, where ambient drone passages and nuanced textural details (such as a softly strummed acoustic guitar, an uplifting cello, or a melodica) create a magical atmosphere – sometimes haunting, other times truly uplifting – but always utterly compelling and imaginative.

An interview with Mountains will be published shortly. ‘Centralia’ – as well as the Mountains back catalogue –  is available to purchase at Plugd Records, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork.


Mountains (plus guests) perform at The Black Mariah (Floor 2, Triskel, Tobin St, Cork) on Wed. May 8th. Tickets are €12/10 concessions.

‘Centralia’ by Mountains is out now on Thrill Jockey.


For more information on Mountains:

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March 30, 2013 at 7:54 pm

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