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Whatever You Love You Are: William Tyler

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Nashville-based guitarist William Tyler discusses the music that has shaped his life; from his earliest musical influences; his favourite Lambchop record; and the albums that have inspired his forthcoming ‘Impossible Truth’ album, out this spring on Merge Records. 

Words: William Tyler, Illustration: Craig Carry


Your earliest musical influence

classical records. Until the age of 13 or 14 classical was basically all I listened to. The first record I ever bought was Rossini’s “William Tell Overture”. Fitting that we have the same initials.


The Lambchop record you feel most proud to be part of

Honestly the last one I was really involved with, “Ohio”. I think it’s a very underrated one, but certainly the one I feel the strongest about my own playing.


The sound of Nashville

Depends on what decade. In the fifties it was beer, speed, and honky tonks. In the eighties it was chorus pedals and cocaine. In the seventies it was a haze of weed and everyone emulating Dylan and Waylon. I don’t know what it is now….false populism and autotuning?


The record that inspired you to play guitar

a cassette tape of the Byrds’ “Greatest Hits”


Favourite 70s Songwriter album

Ted Lucas’ self titled record is up there, the first couple of Jackson Browne records, Dion’s “Born to Be With You”, Neil’s “On the Beach”


Favourite John Fahey record

The Great San Bernadino Birthday Party


A song that defines Americana for you

“LA Freeway” by Guy Clark


Favourite film score

“Aguirre” by Popol Vuh


The album you return to again and again

“Radio City” by Big Star, “Torch of the Mystics” by Sun City Girls


The last great record

that’s impossible! I do think Bobby Charles’ self titled album for Bearsville might be one of the last perfect records though.


Favourite soul album

“Just as I am” by Bill Withers.


The saddest song in the world

“Kiss Another Day Goodbye” by David Kaufman.


‘Impossible Truth’ will be released on Merge Records on March 19 (US) and on April 29 in the UK and Europe.


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February 23, 2013 at 4:48 pm

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