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Whatever You Love You Are: Adrian Crowley

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2012 saw the much-anticipated release of ‘I See Three Birds Flying’, the sixth studio album by Adrian Crowley. The album is nothing short of a masterpiece, full of heart and mesmerizing beauty. Crowley’s writing is sheer poetry. The album is a true treasure and is one of the most cherished albums of the year.

Words: Adrian Crowley, Illustration: Craig Carry

acrowley_craigcarryCurrent Inspirations…

Books recently read and currently being absorbed include works by Raymond Carver, John Mc Gahern and Kevin Barry (all short stories). The Raymond Carver one is called ‘Beginners’ and came into my possession after a couple of friends remarked that I might like him. They were right. His stories are incredible. There is a sense of anger and beauty in his writing and everyday realisms turn into magic under his hand. It took me a while to realise the connection between him and Robert Altman films.

The John Mc Gahern one is called ‘Creatures Of The Earth’. A friend of mine was telling me about it last week and then on Christmas day I saw it on my sister’s bookshelf so I borrowed it. She had two copies so maybe I’ll keep it.

The Kevin Barry book is ‘Dark Lies The Island’. It’s a beauty. He’s so good.

I’ve been revisiting some lost records of the last few years. Well, some had been lost and some were dormant. ‘La Fosette’ by French artist, Dominique A still sounds gorgeous. I first came across this record in the early nineties before I temporarily moved to France. There isn’t a voice like his, that I’ve heard anyway. Also there’s a charm to that album that isn’t like any of his later records. It’s kind of tentative but bull’s eye at the same time.

Earlier this year two friends of mine Thomas and Kevin released an album. I remember asking the guys how the recording was going for what seemed like years..there was a sense that it was some kind of beast struggling to be born, but on it’s own terms. I wasn’t sure if we’d ever hear it. Eventually I stopped asking about it and then out of the blue Tom and Kevin announced that their album was done and it was called ‘Melting Cavalry’ …and that they were called Seti The First. It’s a beautiful record and a beauty that I am sorry to say many have overlooked. It’s a massive sounding piece of work, sometimes dark and portentous sometimes tender and sweet. It surpassed my expectations, considerably. And I had already held them both in such high musical regard.

{One funny story I have to put in here is that one day I was telling Tom about a picture I was working on called ‘The Defenestration’ after the painting depicting The Defenestration of Yann Masaryk, in the infamous Defenestrations of Prague. I’ve been really obsessed with the idea of Defenestration for a while.I love the word and love explaining it to people who haven’t heard it before so I was gratified to see Tom’s face light up with delight as I went through the origins of the word ( de fenestra / from the window/ out of the window…..) and the whole concept of that way of this involuntary exit – to be thrown from the window. And so it came to be they had found a title for one of their songs that had until then refused to be named.}

Marissa Nadler, ‘Bird on The Water’ was released a few years ago. She’s an American singer. I love her voice.This is definitely my favourite of her albums. I’ve been going back to it recently. It was produced by Greg Weeks from Espers in his (analogue) studio in Pennsylvania. There is a haunted feeling to these songs and her voice is like a cross between a skylark and a musical saw.The stories in the songs are like excerpts from novels, that make you want to solve the mystery behind them. She does a beautiful version of Leonard Cohen’s Famous Blue Raincoat. It seems fitting that she did.

Speaking of Leonard….Another record that came out this year that I loved was by Sharon Van Etten.
My favourite song on it is called Leonard. What a beauty.

I’m (still) listening to Serafina Steer too. She’s got a new album out soon and I can’t wait to hear it.



‘I See Three Birds Flying’ is out now on Chemikal Underground. 

You can see our original review for the album here.

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December 31, 2012 at 3:00 pm

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