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Central And Remote: Daddy Longlegs

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Words: Mark Carry, Illustration: Craig Carry

Daddy Long Legs are a pair of musical recluses inhabiting small apartments on the west coast of Ireland. The band are namely Brendan Casey and Thomas McIlwaine, from Galway. Their string of compelling releases can be found on the Quarter Inch Collective, a tape/CD-R label based in Dublin, that do all sorts of exciting music.

The opener to the latest self-titled Daddy Long Legs’ album, consists of a menacing groove and dark piano that calls to mind early Bad Seeds material. The track in question, ‘Changing Story’ is a mere one and a half minutes long, and yet it is utterly enchanting. The heavy bassline, atmospheric drums and swirling piano could serve as the musical backdrop to a scene in Wim Wenders’ ‘Wings Of Desire’, where the central characters first meet at a bar in Berlin. The album follows with eighteen more cuts, crossing all genres and styles; electronic, experimental, pop ambient, drone, folk, punk and noise to name but a few. The second track ‘Between Two Lines’ is reminiscent of Philip Glass’ score to ‘Koyaanisqatsi’. Melodic keys and percussion blend together with bells and chimes, to create a wonderful ambient soundscape. My personal highlight is ‘Driving Across Australia’. A heartfelt pop ambient gem. Layers of intricate sound beneath the fragile vocals provides the listener with perfect late night headphone listening. ‘Driving Across Australia’ could be straight from The Postal Service songbook with vocals a la Ben Gibbard and electronic mastery of Jimmy Tambarello.

The seventh track ‘Borm’ is the ultimate ambient chillout with killer beats, that is typical of the Warp’s label output. Classic stuff indeed, and all in two minutes flat! ‘A Blacker Shade Of Dark’ is sublime downtempo with dark shades of synths and plucked strings. The slow melody is very David Lynchesque (‘Twin Peaks’ main theme), that transports you to a space dimension. Funk and dance elements arrive later in the song, sounding like Squarepusher Vs. David Lynch. Undoubtedly, ‘A Blacker Shade Of Dark’ is a killer track. Field recordings and cinematic tones shape ‘Castle Clothes’. A jazz piano is first heard before funky drum & bass come to the fore. Birds chirping can be heard beneath the synths. A spoken word is looped over the beats, where an elderly man recounts many memories, including Bachelor’s Walk. Free jazz of saxophone erupts towards the song’s close resulting in a fine crossover of several genres. ‘Baggot Street’ opens with free jazz saxophone and crashing drums. Looped voices and sound effects are heard throughout that is in the vein of Nicolas Jaar’s work. The song contains a deep bass groove and changes tempo throughout. The song develops into a more indie based structure, a la Yo La Tengo.

Daddy Long Legs’ self titled release embodies experimental music with remarkable results. Seek out Galway’s Daddy Long Legs, you cannot go wrong.

For free download of ‘Daddy Long Legs’ visit:

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September 22, 2012 at 3:44 pm

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