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Ten Mile Stereo

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Ten Mile Stereo #2

Dirty Projectors ‘Swing Lo Magellan’ (Domino)
Brooklyn’s David Longstreth and co.’s latest masterpiece is a sublime folk pop tour-de-force with a country feel. David Longstreth is the 21st Century David Byrne.

Chilly Gonzales ‘Solo Piano II’ (Arts & Crafts)
Amazing solo piano music from the legendary Gonzales. ‘Solo Piano 2’ is the highly anticipated follow up to 2004’s ‘Solo Piano’.

Jeremiah Jae ‘Raw Money Raps’ (Brainfeeder)
‘Raw Money Raps’ looks set to be one of the best hip hop albums of 2012. The 21 year old Chicago native is undeniably the brightest star of 2012.

Lone ‘Galaxy Garden’ (R&S)
Dance producer Matt “Lone” Cutler’s fifth album under the Lone moniker and his best to date. Celebratory, awe-inspiring dance music.

Waves On Canvas ‘Into The Northsea’ (Psychonavigation Records)
Waves on Canvas (AKA Italian musician Stefano Guzzetti) crosses ambient, classical and electronic genres. For fans of music labels such as Type, Touch, Erased Tapes, Fat Cat etc, Waves on Canvas is certainly for you.

Chromatics ‘Kill For Love’ (Italians Do It Better)
The latest album of otherworldly dream synth pop from Chromatics who are undeniably the coolest band on the planet.

Here We Go Magic ‘A Different Ship’ (Secretly Canadian)
‘A different ship’ is produced by none other than Nigel Godrich. This is a sublime album. Amazing musicians, great songs and a legendary producer.

Giant Giant Sand ‘Tucson’ (Fire Records)
Howe Gelb’s Giant Sand return with a country opera in homage to his beloved Tucson. Double the lineup, Giant Sand are now Giant Giant Sand.

Tu Fawning ‘A Monument’ (City Slang)
Portland, Oregon’s Tu Fawning, lead by Corrina Rep return with their second album, a majestic tour-de-force.

John Murry ‘The Graceless Age’ (Bucketful of Brains)
‘The Graceless Age’ has such soul and spirit that evokes gut wrenching honesty, like no other. John Murry has returned with an undisputed classic.


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August 20, 2012 at 10:38 pm


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  1. Really enjoying your coverage since I discovered your site! Nice work… curious if it would be ok to send you some music from time to time?

    – N

    Nathan Walker

    August 20, 2012 at 10:42 pm

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