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Ten Mile Stereo #1


DIIV: Oshin (Captured Tracks)

Brooklyn quartet’s debut album of shimmering dream pop infused psych-krautrock grandeur.

Peaking Lights: Lucifer (Weird World)
The highly anticipated new album from Wisconsin husband and wife duo, Indra Dunis and Aaron Coyes. Celestial pop, cosmic psychedelica and heavenly dub sounds.

The Invisible: Rispah (Ninja Tune)
Heart-warming indie & subtle electronica fuses together that inhabits a space somewhere between The Notwist and Radiohead.

Lower Dens: Nootropics (Ribbon Music)
Baltimore band, fronted by Jana Hunter, creates mysterious lush dream-pop amidst brooding synths, krautrock rhythms and swirling melodies.

Julia Holter: Ekstasis (RvNG Ltd)
The LA based singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist’s latest masterwork of ethereal folk pop music: compelling, mysterious, playful and expansive all in equal measure.

Mount Eerie: Clear Moon (P.W. Elverum & Sun)
A cinematic folk tour de force that will linger long in your mind. Mount Eerie is the moniker for a one Phil Elverum and creates such a special landscape of sound-both familiar and unknowable-transfixing and meditative.

Actress: R.I.P (Honest Jons)
Compelling techno ambient soundscapes from British producer Darren Cunningham AKA Actress. In his words, ‘I want to make cool, classical stuff for a modern generation’.

John Talabot: Fin (Permanent Vacation)
Sublime electronica from the Barcelona producer whose enchanting debut album conjures up heart-wrenching, awe-inspiring electronic creations.

Jesca Hoop: The House That Jack Built (Bella Union)
Beautiful and introspective folk from the Californian-born singer songwriter.

Lotus Plaza: Spooky Action At A Distance (Kranky)
Lotus Plaza is the pseudonym for Deerhunter guitarist Lockett Pundt whose latest offering is undoubtedly one of the finest indie rock records of 2012.


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August 4, 2012 at 8:23 pm


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